Jab Elaj Nakam Hota Hai Mah ilaj Ul Amraaz PDF Free

Jab Elaj Nakam Hota Hai Mah ilaj Ul Amraaz is composed by Hakeem Muhammad Arif o Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Duniya Puri. It consists of 157 pages. If you want to become a successful doctor then you must read this book to clear your doubts regarding treatment failure.

Jab Elaj Nakam Hota Hai Mah ilaj ul Amraaz PDF

About Jab Elaj Nakam Hota Hai

This book presents all the possible causes of treatment failure that we face while practicing. If we keep these reasons in mind we can become a good healer by practicing well. In addition, at the end of this book, successful treatments for a few specific diseases are listed.

Treatment of Diseases in Urdu / Hindi

You can read about the treatment of the Sugar, Kidney failure, body weakness, Depression, Quwat e Bah, Surat e Anzaal, Men and Women hidden Diseases, Irregular Menses Cycle, Haram Maghaz Ki Sozish, and much more.

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