Amraaz e Niswan (Aurton Ke Amraaz) PDF Free Download

Hakem Abdul Hafeez is the writer of the book Amraaz e Niswan. It consists of 237 pages. You can read all about the hidden diseases and treatments of women.

Amraaz e Niswan (Aurton Ke Amraaz) PDF Free Download

Summary of the Book

The first part of this book describes in detail the specific organs of women and the symptoms and treatment of common ailments.

And in the second part of this book, there is a detailed description of the condition of pregnancy, the symptoms of pregnancy, and the diseases and treatment of pregnancy.

The third part of the book explains in detail the diseases of children and mothers.

Main Topics of Amraaz e Niswaan Aurton Ke Amraaz

In this book, you can read the following diseases of the female;

  • Autron ki bacha Dani
  • Diseases of Sharamgah
  • Reham ke Amraz or ilaaj
  • Hamal bar bar gir jana.
  • Breast ka Chota Reh Jana ya Phir Dheelapan Hona
  • Asqat e Hamal
  • Hamla Aurat ki Bemariyan or Onka ilaaj
  • Female Parts ka Dheela Ya Kushadah Ho Jana

How to Download this Book?

If you want to look for download Amraaz e Niswan for educational purpose then you come to the right place. Just scroll download and press the download now button.

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