Amraaz e Maida Ka ilaaj By Hakeem Saifullah Seikho PDF Free Download

Amraaz e Maida Ka ilaaj is composed by Hakeem Saifullah Seikho and has 193 pages. In this book author write about different kind of diseases of Stomach and their treatment in Urdu language.

Amraaz e Maida Ka ilaaj By Hakeem Saifullah Seikho PDF Free Download

Your stomach is an organ between your throat and small digestive tract. It is the place processing of protein starts. The stomach has three errands. It stores gulped sustenance. It blends the sustenance with stomach acids. At that point it sends the blend on to the small digestive tract.

The vast majority have an issue with their stomach at once or another. Acid reflex and indigestion are basic issues. You can assuage some stomach issues with over-the-counter medications and way of life changes, for example, keeping away from greasy sustenance or eating all the more gradually. Different issues like peptic ulcers or GERD require therapeutic consideration.

You should see a specialist in the event that you have any of the accompanying:

  • Blood when you have a solid discharge
  • Serious stomach torment
  • Indigestion not eased by acid neutralizers
  • Unintended weight reduction
  • Progressing heaving or looseness of the bowels

Numerous components may irritate the gastrointestinal tract and its motility (or capacity to continue moving), including:

  • Eating an eating routine low in fiber
  • Insufficient exercise
  • Voyaging or different changes in schedule
  • Eating a lot of dairy items
  • Stress
  • Fighting the temptation to have a solid discharge
  • Fighting the temptation to have solid discharges because of agony from hemorrhoids
  • Abusing purgatives (stool conditioners) that, after some time, debilitate the entrail muscles
  • Taking stomach settling agent drugs containing calcium or aluminum
  • Taking certain medications (particularly antidepressants, iron pills, and solid agony prescriptions, for example, opiates)
  • Pregnancy

Amraaz e Maida Ka Desi ilaaj in Urdu and Hindi

In this book you can read following diseases and treatments of stomach,

  • Maiday K Zakham or Dard
  • Maiday Main Gas Ka Jama Ho Jana
  • Maidy Ki Bemariyan
  • Maiday Ki Jalan Ka ilaaj
  • Maiday Mein Chubhan Lagney Ka Desi ilaaj
  • Khaney K Ghalt Or Saheeh Tariqey

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